Does This Thing Still Work?

*taps mic, looking around tentatively* Sooo….does this thing still work? Is it on? Is anyone out there? I’ve been gone…a WHILE. After my last post/update about Baby G starting Nursery School I dropped right off the blogoshpere yet again. Why? There are periods where I really have nothing at all to say. Being completely honest […]

Christmas List 2017!!!!!

So this is Christmas…… I loooooooooooooooove Christmas 🎅🏾🎅🏾🎅🏾🎅🏾🎅🏾🎅🏾 I also looooove getting and giving presents on Christmas. There’s nothing worse than getting bad presents lol. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate every little bit but it’s not JUST the thought that counts. Sorry. If you’re going to ‘think’ about me, make it personal in the […]