10 Things I’m Loving Right This Minute

I love many things. Okay, not exactly. I like many things though. Even more things are just ‘okay’ but every once in a while there are a few things that genuinely make my heart smile a little. It can be a TV show, a product, an item of clothing or an experience/activity. Right this minute I can list 10 things that make me smile. Here goes…

1. Once Upon a Time

I turned my back on this show prematurely; I must admit. Premature as in a few episodes into Season 1. LIKE A FOOL!! As luck would have it, my Mother-in-Law has started watching it and I caught an episode at hers – midway through Season 4 mind you – and couldn’t get the story out of my head soooooo I made the decision to look it up on Netflix and just carry on from that episode. Brave, I know but hear me out. I can deal with spoilers but I cannot deal with waiting! Starting at the beginning would mean waiting for what I already know is coming and being this far in, that was more than I could stand. Especially if it turned out that the first 2 or 3 seasons were a bit slow.


Anyways, I say ALL of that to say that I am currently obsessed with this show. It’s taken fairy tales to a whole other level. Making the characters ‘human’ in this century was pure genius.

2. Sesame Street

It really is a beautiful thing to see my son grin at the screen when Elmo comes on. I cannot tell you how happy I am that he will happily sit through an entire episode 90% of the time whilst I get some housework done. Thank you Lord! Thank you Sesame Street!!!



3. Lancôme Énergie de Vie Pearly Wake-up Lotion

Lancome Energie De vie Peraly Wake-up Lotion

Does what it says on the tin. Every time I apply this lotion in the morning between my serum and moisturiser, my face looks brighter and feels fresh! I honestly am not sure what else it is supposed to do but I am not disappointed by what is happening at the moment.

4. Superdrug Vitamin E Moisture Mask

Preggr Superdrug Vit E Mask

I did a #LazyReview on this but what you’ll get from that is this: I love. I will buy again.

5. Oeros


I have a new appreciation for Oreos. Ever since I discovered that they don’t contain milk!! Well the ingredient list says ‘May contain milk’ but it is not in the main ingredient list. Oeros for all the lactose intolerant amongst us!!

6. My Red Converse Plimsoles


Converses are amazing. I find the low ones a lot more comfortable than the high-tops though. The high-tops I’ve got somehow in the same size as the lows are a little bit tight. That’s not the point here though. The point is I have turned to my red converses more than any shoes this past spring/summer and even as the weather changes, it still hasnt gotten too cold for me. I was pregnant through spring and these were the most comfortable shoes I had in the house. Hands down. I wore a lot of black or jeans with a plain t-shirt and a red pair of shoes always added a nice pop of ‘look-at-me’ color. I feel bright shoes bring an outfit together whilst giving the impression that you haven’t tried very hard nor do you care that you haven’t tried very hard either.

7. Nuk Bottles + Nipples for Bubs

nuk bottle

#LifeSaver. My son does not care for bottles. I know because he smiles at me once he’s pulled any nipple I’ve tried to use, out of his mouth, puts it back it, gives it a chew, pulls it back out and repeats. All the while dribbling whatever the bottle’s contents down his chin and onto his chest, bib or no bib. The only nipples I’ve had success with so far are these Nuk ones and for that I am grateful. I purchased this one but switched out the latex teats for silicone because I was paranoid about the possibility of a latex allergy.

8. My Night-time Skincare Routine

I intend to do a post on my night-time skincare routine but it involves the wash, tone, serum, and moisture(s) process and I simply adore it. The products are not what I love about it though. What I love is the time I get to myself. When I’m doing this, baby is asleep and Daddy is on hand to cuddle away any premature wake ups so I am (nearly) completely at ease and happily take my time slapping all the lotions and potions on my beautiful face in an effort to keep it just as beautiful as it is, haha.

9. Dresses at home

I’ve always wanted to be the at-home-dress or kaftan-wearing mum and now I am her! YES!!!! Achievement unlocked!! I love the ease of a dress any day but at home it feels extra special, hehe. We all deserve to feel extra special at home. Yes we do!

10. Aquafit!!!!!!!

aquafit clipart

I’m slowly but surely getting close to my pre-baby body and it’s all thanks to Aquafit and giving up my beloved bread. I say ‘close’ because I don’t expect to be back there exactly. Not that it was anything amazing, lol but I’m preparing myself for the fact that my body won’t be what it was.

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