Morning Skincare Routine

The moment I wake up

Before I put on my make-up

I say a little payer for yooou 😘


Really though, the moment I wake up I feed the child or make myself a cup of tea and then feed the child. But once all of that’s done and I can find a few quiet minutes (usually not until 9 or 10am when he’s down for a nap) I get my skin together for the day.

As of late there hasn’t been any make up being used since I’m always squished up against his baby face or his little hands are constantly grabbing on my face so I’ve taken the opportunity to nourish my skin. Something I’ve never properly done before.

I’ve always been a lazy skincare person. Honestly. Who has time for a full routine BOTH morning and night?? Well, apparently I do now. #maternityleave #winning #dontgetmewrongimstillknackered

It’s a little something that’s just for me, outside of giving EVERYTHING that is me to this new tiny human. If I can manage it everyday, it gives me a little ‘yay me’ moment and I can go right back to the demands of early mommying-hood.

So, let’s jump into it.

First things first, cleanse. I don’t rightfully ‘cleanse’ my face twice a day, as in, ‘wash clean’ because my oily, combination, dry in some areas skin does not care to be that clean and will certainly give me her thoughts about it if I get too clean-happy. For this reason, in the mornings I start off with some Micellar Water on a cotton pad and wipe away the night life. If you are not using a micellar water, you are doing yourself a disservice Madam! I use the Simple Kind to Skin Micellar Cleaning Water. She’s my bestie and we’ve been working through this bottle since July maybe,  so value for money goes without saying.

Next up we tone. Now, I’m on the brink of changing toners but this is my current bestie. Another Simple product. I tell you, Simple has really been shining since I got pregnant and now whilst I’m still so attached to baby. I’m intending to move to this Rose Water since I’ve recently becom hip to Rose Waters many skin happy-making properties and also, this Simple toner has a little paraben in and for Simple as a brand, I’m in my feelings about there being any parabens in sight.

Now that we’re clean and toned, it is time to purposely nourish the skin! I’m currently testing out this Vitamin C serum which promises to nourish and exfoliate….time will tell.

So I’ve cleansed, toned and serumed this skin; now I moisturise!!!!!!! Wiiiii!!

My current loves include the Lancome Energie De Vie Pearly Wake-up Lotion (a mouthful I know) and the Energie De Vie Liquid Care Moisturiser. Although I find that these can both be a bit tacky or get a little heavy on my skin (I generally like my products to do their job then disappear lol) but I love the glow they leave me with so I’m willing to adjust 😜….during the day.

Last but not least, since it is daytime and the sun is up, we protect. I’m especially using a sunscreen because I’m being extra careful about getting rid of several dark marks/scars left over from the cradle-cap-olive-oil incident. In short, bubs got a bit of cradle cap and olive oil worked wonders but my skin notoriously hates the stuff and breaks out like mad so any contact my face had with his little head (which was pretty much 24/7) would set it off. I chose to continue use and take the hit so to speak and am now trying my best to remedy the current situation.

Aaaanyway, my sunscreen of choice is this Simple Kind to Skin + Protecting Moisture Cream (SPF 30 UVA/UVB) Chosen mainly because it is the least oily option I’ve come across and doenst turn me into an oil slick.

There are days I run out of the house with just the sunscreen on if I’m being lazy or really haven’t had the time to do much of anything. Even if that’s all I’ve got on my face I feel like I’ve done something because this baby will moisturise in the process so I’m not running around with a white cast on my face looking casket-ready 🤣🤣🤣


And that’s the current morning skincare routine folks! Like I said in the beginning, I’ve always been a lazy skincare care person but taking the time to care for my skin both day and night has been a game changer. Even when I strip the routine down to  Micellar + Sunscreen and run out the door pushchair first, my skin looks healthy. It looks and feels loved. Still working on the hyperpigmentation from cradle-cap-gate and a few newbies from not being able to stay completely hands off but my pores are overall smaller and the general surface of my skin is a lot smoother. #yay!!!

To good skin and all the work it takes!! 🥂🥂🥂

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