First Month Must-Haves

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So, baby’s on the way and you cannot decide what the necessities are besides nappies, wipes and clean clothes!!

Well have no fear, I’ve only just lived through it and I’ve got the list you’ve been looking for.

Note: This page contains Affiliate Links.

Without further ado, here’s everything you need to get  you through baby’s first month at home besides the aforementioned nappies, wipes and clean clothes.

1. Purflo Nest

PurFlo Breathable Nest (Elephant)

I did a #LazyReview of this baby here. In short, if your bub likes being cozy as most do, you will be separating with the funds for this one.

2. Chicco Nest to Me Crib

chicco next to me
Chicco Next2me Side Sleeping Crib – Dove Grey

Love, love, love it. #LazyReview to come.

3. Bath Tub

You can’t stick a newborn in a regular tub. You just can’t. Stop it. This beauty by Mamas & Papas will solve all your problems.

mamas & papas Acqua bambino
Mamas & Papas 4538472 Acqua Bambino Two Stage Bath – Pearl White

4. Nipple Cream

Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Cream 40ml
Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Cream 40ml

Your boobies will thank you.

5. Breast Pads

The early leakage is REALLY real so don’t pass these up! The £1 bargain ones are quite good but if you can afford to splash out a little these Tommee Tippee breast pads are even better and well worth the higher price tag.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Disposable Breast Pads, 50 Pads

6. Nursing Bras

FeelinGirl Womens Maternity Non-wired Seamless Nursing Bras
FeelinGirl Womens Maternity Non-wired Seamless Nursing Bras

Don’t think you’re going use the bras you already have or go loosy goosy. No Ma’am. These things will be much to heavy and tender for you to pry them out of normal bras or leave them to do their own thing. Buy the nursing bras. For home I bought these off amazon. Pre-pregnancy I wore a UK size 18 and bought xl in these. Granted they do not make the girls sit up at attention but they are the most comfortable things you will put on.

7. Nursing Pillow (plus size not boppy)

Flippin Boppy. Boppy, Boppy, Boppy. Why didn’t I even consider that you were only for the ‘average’ (read: skinny) woman? I also don’t know what size you have to be or what special kind of ‘snapback‘ you have to have for any ‘average’ sized woman to use this thing immediately after giving birth. It was useless to me. Please don’t buy this if you are a plus sized lady. Hell, if you’re a 14 before pregnancy I’d suggest going elsewhere as well. This is what I ended up buying in the end and I love it.

Kinder Valley Nursing Pillow, Little Dreamer
Kinder Valley Nursing Pillow, Little Dreamer

8. Thermometer

Non-Contact Digital Baby Thermometer
Non-Contact Digital Baby Thermometer.

You will be paranoid about whether the baby is too hot to-the-touch or whether the room is too hot or if his mattress is too hot, etc, etc; so just buy a thermometer and put your mind to rest. Now having said that, please remember running a fever and BEING hot are too different things completely. You can be hot and not come up with a temperature/fever so I’ve gone by the two fingers (the outsdie of the hand not the palm side) to the chest/back rule. If these parts are hot or colder than you are them baby is hot or cold. You will come to know what your baby’s normal temperature is. My little one is generally a warm baby so even if he’s not always my temperature T know what burning hot is compared to him just being him. Don’t worry, you will get it!

9. Maternity pads (the big boys + their skinny sisters)

asda maternity maxi
Asda Made for Mums Maternity Towels, Maxi
asda maternity slim
Asda Made for Mums Maternity Towels, Ultra Slim

The big boys because it is a blood show, don’t kid yourself. There will be blood for days after delivery. Some people bleed for ages others for just about a week. The skinny sisters because once the major bleeding’s subsided you’ll need something a bit more sturdy and comfortable honestly, than the flimsy panty liner on the market.

I found that having wings on the thinner maternity pads gave me  more piece of mind but I didn’t miss them too much on the thicker ones because the thicker ones got changed even more often, plus I wasn’t doing that much moving anyways in the early days and seriously, their thickness helped keep them in place!! TMI!!!

10. Help

Give in. Mind who you give in to (don’t end up with a house-guest who will not leave!!) but please accept help if it’s offered and ask for help if there’s anybody available. I don’t know how my husband and I would have gotten through the first month without my mother’s help. She did the cooking, the MAJORITY of the cleaning, late night burping (once hubby went back to work) and just general encouragement when things got hard. Plus helped keep the peace when we had different opinions on how or whether we should be doing a certain something. It was also nice to have experience** in the next room.

**Speaking of ‘experience’ though, I should say that your mum won’t know everything. You’d think she would, I expected mine to; but she doesn’t and she was a new mum maybe 25 odd years ago and alot of the ‘recommendations’ have changed so spare a thought for Grandma, she may not be on the page you expect her to be but the basics like checking the water temp with the elbow rather than the thermometer or encouragement at 3am is something you will cherish.

baby help

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