Send Him to School They Said….

It will be fun (for him) They said. Your day will be less stressful, they said. You will have free time (or at least more time to spend with the baby one on one), they said.

They LIED!! (about most of it)

I am exhausted. It’s been two weeks. He’s only in Wednesday – Friday. The school run is no joke. The simple fact that it is twice a day makes it work. The fact that I am getting up at God-Knows-what-o’clock in the morning to get three people out the door is work. The fact that I  am getting myself AND another human ready to leave the house again come pick-up time is work! The walk there and back is work. Yes the hours where Baby G is off at school gives me a bit of breathing room, but they disappear in no time at all!!

Now, my change-of-pace moaning aside, he seems to like it. Even in the last 6 days that he’s been there his sentence structure has improved. Seeing him try to remember his new friends’ names and what they did that day with the biggest grin makes me happy. There has been talk of being told off, but which of us hasn’t been told off at school? There are nerves every time we walk in but he’s not screaming for me to stay or rushing me at the door to get him the hell out of there so I count it as a win and a good idea.

What the next few weeks will bring? I haven’t a clue but I hope its lots more giant grins, stories of playground adventures and more ‘Well Done(s)’ than than getting told off.

Here’s to new adventures for all of us!

Now, what shall I do with ALLLLL my FREE TIME? Oh I know, wash something, clean something, cook something, give the second child my undivided attention, meditate, maybe rearrange the closet in rainbow colour order à la The Home Edit. The possibilities or should say the list, is endless.

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