#LazyReview: Mamas & Papas Acqua Bambino Two Stage Bath

mamas & papas Acqua bambino
Mamas & Papas Acqua Bambino Two Stage Bath

Should have bought it sooner!!!
I had the visions of bathing baby in a bathtub for a few weeks then moving to the tub using this Angelcare insert. I lied to myself.
We got that insert as a gift off of our Amazon Registery and it has not been used once!

This tub though….life-changing.

As soon as you’re ready to let baby lay back, this tub will save you constantyl being hunched over holding them up. I’d say you could fill this tub up lower than the recommended level and keep rising it until you’re comfortable because even if it’s a small tub you are bound to be nervous about going hands-free in water.

Overall, yes please and you’re welcome! Buy one!!!

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